Monday, February 9, 2009

Amazing Movie to Watch

Few days ago, I watched an interview with Dr Madkor Thabet. Dr Thabet is one of the most experienced people in movie making field. He held important positions in the Egyptian Ministry of Cultural. The interview was about his new movie that is called “Magic of the past in the video’s treasures سحر ما فات في كنوز المرئيات”. This movie is produced by Dream TV.

In the movie, dr Thabet tried to tell the history of Egypt over the past century since 1889. He went on a search travel to collect the rare videos taken in important events happened over the past century. He collected some videos from Lemerre Brothers Corporation in Paris, Egyptian and Arab Production Companies.
Dr Thabet arranged the videos he collected in such an amazing creative way. While watching the movie, you will hardly notice that these scenes were taken by different people over different times. And this is the most amazing thing about this movie. While watching the movie, you will be accompanied with a comment written by dr Thabet and voice of both great actors “Mohamed Wafee” and “Mahmoud El gendy”. Dr Thabet asks really important questions that worth thinking in.
The movie contains videos that record important moments in Egypt history. Most of these videos were never seen before, and this is what makes this movie a real treasure.
Some of the scenes I saw were the Egyptians gathered to meet Saad Zaghlol when he came back from his exile in1919, the arrival of King Farouk as a handsome young man to Egypt to rule it and a meeting of the Arab leaders upon the Palestinian war in 1948. There are also many scenes during July revolution, 1952. One of the rare scenes (in my opinion) was a march for President Mubarak between normal citizens in an open ceiling car.
There are videos for many other moments of the history of Egypt. You can see parts of the movie on YouTube. You will find the introduction of the movie

The movie forced me to think about the past. If you look closer to the history, you will notice that history always repeats itself. This is a fact. You will see that people are still the same. People in that movie don’t differ much from us now, same appearance, same look and same differences.
It made me think how Egypt will look after 100 years from now. I couldn’t imagine that there will be people living in the same places we are living in now, without even knowing that we had ever existed here. It is a strange thought but that is what I thought of.
Anyway, I only watched few scenes from the movie, but I can’t imagine how I will feel while watching the whole movie. I can’t wait to see the whole movie.