Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year ... New Opportunity

2011 is 3 hours away from leaving. I can't find a word to describe it.

Let me list the good things that happened in 2011:
  1. I visited Makka for the first time as agrown up. This is the best thing happened to me ever.
  2. My sister got engaged to an amazing person, Hisham. He's been a source of joy in our family since he joined it 2 months ago.
  3. My two best friends had their first babies, Omar and Ali, and my cousine had her first boy baby, Yaseen.
  4. My first project to work on has been launched, and we are getting really good feedback about it.
  5. I met a bunch of amazing people at work. I appreciate every day spent with them. 
  6. I can't remember a fight with anyone this year. (Looking to my past, this is an amazing thing to happen)
  7. I went to vote 3 times this year.
  8. I am interested in politics for the first time in my life.
  9. I almost took decision in a matter that kept hanging in my mind for years.

I won't list the bad things. As hard as 2011 was, as much as I don't want to remember these bad days.
I will keep the good moments passed in 2011, and I will let go of all the bad moments.

As this is my last post in 2011, this would be my last words in 2011.
For the first time, I have no regrets on a new year's eve.
For my old friends who have been there for me this year, THANK YOU for just being there. I wish you stay in my life for ever. For everyone entered my life this year, you are welcomed to stay in my life as much as you want.

2012, I am going to take important decisions in you, do your best to help me through them and please, no more bad surprises.

2012 ... New Year ... New Opportunity