Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little girl living in a quiet city. She wasn’t so beautiful yet people liked her (or so she though). She was funny and intelligent. She had the same friends for many years but she felt lonely for a long time.
One day, she woke up to find herself in a completely different city. New faces, new places, new talks…etc. A city that is different from the world she got used to in everything.
The little girl felt really scared. She felt unsecured and losing control of her life and this was what really freaked her out.
Her insecurity is something that rare people understood it. Security is the thing she was searching for. For someone had built his entire world on feeling secure and being in control of every little detail going in his life, this new city was more like a nightmare for her.
Surprisingly, unlike her habit of running away when she got scared, this time she decided to stay and explore this new city instead of going back. May be this was because she doubt she could go back, but what matters for her that this time SHE STAYED. She thought that she is going to fight to survive but she accepted the challenge.
During her fight in this new city, the little girl discovered that it wasn’t a fight from the start. It was more like a trip. It is true that through this trip, she lived many happy events and more sad ones than she ever lived before, but the experience she got through this trip exceeded what she ever had.
She learned a lot during this trip. She met a lot of great, nice and respected people who she wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for this trip.
She learned how to be independent, trust herself and she started to trust other.
One of lessons she learned from this trip is “There is no prince charming.” May be, there is a prince but not a prince charming. Likely, she also found that the knight of her dreams can be found ….
Our little girl is now a young lady but she is still going in her trip ... hoping for more good stuff to happen…let’s pray for her to reach the end of her trip safely.