Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

At 1:00 am on Saturday 24th September 1988, I was a little tiny new baby girl. I took my first breath and cried for the first time.

23 years later, I am still breathing, crying from time to time, yet trying to enjoy my life as much as I can.

This year I have many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for my job, my family, my friends and of course the Omra.

Yes, my life isn't complete now. I have dozens of stuff that needs to be organized and solved but I don't mind. Nothing is keeping me from smiling today.

If you are someone who shared a laugh with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you are someone who caused me a tear, you are forgiven.

A year is finishing, another is starting. Saying goodbye to one and welcome to another.