Thursday, July 9, 2009

While Life Goes On

"Life goes on", is fact that no one can deny. It is a fact that I have been thinking about in the past couple days. I am thinking that all of us will pass on, no one is immortal. But who will remember you when you pass on and what will they remember about you??

Who of us don’t know Einstein? We all know his inventions. But how many of us know how his life was, how he was as a person, as a human?

Most of us watched Michael Jackson’s funeral on Tuesday. Most of people who talked about him, only talked about Michael Jackson, the singer and talked about his songs. Only few of them talked about him as a friend, as a father and as a brother. Yes, he was king of POP, but that was only part of his life. He lived for about 50 years, if you collected time of his parties and songs all together, it will be about 25 years. Why people talked only about half of his life? I couldn’t answer this one.

I think that each one of us got the chance to live a life, no matter how short or long it is. Each one of us got the chance to achieve all what he think of. But I think what we need to decide is: the face we need people to remember about us when we pass on. Will they remember our human face or only our achievements face???


  1. I think being remembered is very much exaggerated. I don't care a fiddle who's gonna remember me 5 minutes after I'm dead. All I care about is how I'm leading my life, how I'm satisfying myself and pursuing what I think is my purpose. I don't think Einstein ever thought about being remembered. Those who think about it usually end up either despised by the future generations or not remembered at all except as a name (like those who want children "to bear their names")

  2. You are right in the point that we can't act and live to just be remembered after we pass on. My point was that to look at our life and what are we doing.
    It is true that if we only lived according to what people will remember, we will not reach any place. But to stop from time to time and think about what we are doing and how it affects others is a must. At least, it gives you a clue about whether what you are doing is right or wrong.