Sunday, July 18, 2010

Questions with No Answers

- Why do you say promises you won't keep?
- Why do you let someone build dreams for you, when you know you won't be there to share it with them?
- Why do we always hurt who loves us the most?
- Why do we give up on love?
- Why do we listen to our hearts, even when we know we will get hurt at the end?
- Why can't we stop our hearts from falling for someone?
- Why can't we forget people who hurt us?
- Why can't we read minds of people we deal with?

I tried to find answers to these questions, but I couldn't. I would appreciate it if you can help me to find some of the answers


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  2. Something is wrong. I got an error message because of the big number of words. Anyway here is my answers

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    I will comment on your post and will put my comment here also.

  4. First of all, Thank you Islam for posting your answers. I really appreciate it
    Although most of these questions came as a result of others' experience, I thought about them for a while before posting them

    I totally agree with you that we make promises without knowing what is hidden for us in the future and this is a case I can understand. But there are sometimes when people forget their promises, they have the ability to keep them, but it seems as if they just forgot them

    Not all people are kind and leave to protect their beloved ones. Some people just leave. It isn't related to being good or evil. It is just a simple fact that all peole change

    I agree on being stupid is the only reason for hurting people we care about us. It is like a rule that comes with care, but I think this rule must change

    "You only lose when you said that you lost"
    I liked this sentences so much. I beleive that true love always wins, but all people must believe in that too. It is so sad when you see someone giving up on his love

    We can't stop our hearts from beating, but how we act based on these beats is what matters. Allah gave us hearts, but he also gave us brains to use. It doesn't make any sense for me when people shut down their brains and act based only their feelings only. May be we can't control who we fall for, but for sure we can control our actions

    I liked your answer about forgiveness. I think most people can forgive but not all of them can forget. The difference between both cases is the same difference between
    العفو و المغفرة

    Thanks again for posting your comments