Friday, February 11, 2011

Postponed Celebrations

Today, 11 February 2011 at 6:00 pm, in a somber one-minute announcement on state television, Vice President Omar Suleiman said "President Mohamed Hosny Mubarak had resigned and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will run the affairs of the country."

This is the moment when Freedom and Democracy starts in Egypt. A new Egypt has been born. The start of a new Era as some like to call it.

This is the announcement that blessed all Egyptian around the world not only here in Egypt after a long 18 day-revolution.
People start celebrations everywhere, congratulating each other,  set off fireworks, and any other sign of celebration.

Unfortunately, I couldn't neither join them nor feel happy as them. Sure I can smell Freedom in the air, but I can't celebrate.

As a person who always thinks of results and consequences more than actions, now I think about our new Egypt. I don't know -and no one knows- how Egypt will be run in the next months. It is true that the president had resigned, but he wasn't the only cause of all our problems.
We can't deny that it is a critical point not only in Egypt's history, but also in Egypt's future. It is the point that will be know later as "Egypt's brightest moment" or "Egypt's darkest moment".

We have country to BUILD, democracy and freedom to protect, future to PLAN, work to DO, a dream for all Arab world to FULFILL.

Remember that our problems are still there, they aren't solved yet. We only made the way for solving it easier.

So, I am postponing my celebrations till I build the country I want, protect our freedom, plan the future, finish the work I have and see my dream come true.

Congratulations for all EGYPT, let's all pray for a better future and a better EGYPT.


Sorry for writing "EGYPT" 13 times -including this one :D- but it sounds different when I pronounce it now. Now I am proud of being the only girl singing the National Anthem in school everyday, although it sounds much better when I sing it now.

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