Sunday, October 6, 2013

25 .. a continuous celebration

I am 25 years and 14 days old :D

I want to thank everyone who shared a moment with me during my two-month celebration. I enjoyed everyday of them.
I know my birthday wish list seemed weird  and some people was wondering how this short list can bring happiness and calm to my days.
The whole point was CHANGE, realizing that they are things to enjoy in this life more than we notice in our daily routine.
To be more specific, here is why:
1- Walk for 25 hours ( I changed it to be 25 km to fit my schedule)
I walked more than 30 km in less than 7 hours. 
I have been always an energetic girl and always buzzing around. Since I graduated this energy was noticeably reduced. To force myself to move more till it became a habit  I had to make this challenge with myself. Now I know with evidence that there is time to walk for a distance. NO MORE EXCUSES.

2- Say a proper thank you for 10 people
Successfully accomplished
I used to take people in my life for granted and this had to stop. Your life line crosses with others for a reason. If you don't know that reason yet, at least show gratitude for having them in your life. You learn something new from everyone passes in your life. Pay more attention for that and always be say THANK YOU before they leave your life.

3- Buy flowers every week (Jasmine would be great).
I bought flowers once.
If you didn't buy flowers before, you are missing a lot. Buying flowers is not about paying money for couple of flowers. It is about the process. You choose a good shop with many varieties of flowers. You spend some time picking the flowers you liked the most. You decide how they will be raped, which colors to choose to match the flowers' colors. How you enjoy their look and their smell. It even gets better if you decided to present them as a "thank you" gift for a special one.
Enjoying the process of buying a simple bouquet of flowers, will teach you how to enjoy the smallest events in your day.

4- Finish 5 books (light small books are not counted).
I finished 3 books each in a different topic.
I think reading is a must for everyone. Each book adds something new to your character, opens your eye to a new fact, shows you a different analysis to a piece of information you marked "fact" a long time ago.

5- Collect 3 souvenirs from 3 different countries.
I was lucky enough to receive two souvenirs from Paris and Dubai from two dear friends.
Because of the late political events, I needed something to remind me that somewhere away from Egypt there are other places, other people living and dreaming of a better tomorrow. You need to believe that no matter things went wrong (personally or politically), there is always tomorrow.

6- Eat at 5 new different restaurants.
I tried 3 new places.
I always thought that I have no time to go out and hang around with friends or by myself, and I needed something to push me to believe the opposite. I didn't spent much time out but it was enough for me to be convinced :)

Again, I want to thank everyone shared a moment with me during the last two months. You can't imagine how special it was for me. From the bottom of my heart, "THANK YOU".

Wish I can keep this celebration spirit till the end of the year. Wish me luck please :)

I don't know how I am gonna celebrate my next birthday, but I hope it will be as good as it was this year, and I hope to be able to share it with you all, my amazing family and friends.

(Camello has just joined my zoo group from Dubai)

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