Monday, May 24, 2010

Here Comes Goodbye

Today was our last day in our class 201. Class 201 is the place where 80 persons spent their last four years in, day and night. It was the place where I found 79 sisters and brothers. It was the last day to set in the third chair in the third row. It was the last time to say “Good Morning” at least ten times a day.

I admit I had bad days there, but good days are just remarkable. We spent too many hours attending lectures that we didn’t get a word from, but we enjoyed our moments in between them. We had tons of projects, but staying in class 201 till 8 p.m. to finish them is unforgettable. Over the past four years, I had stayed in class 201 more time than I stayed at home. We always left it, knowing we will be back the next morning.

Today was different; leaving it knowing I won’t be there tomorrow wasn’t good at all. I didn’t have this feeling since preparatory 3, when I left my school after spending nine years in it. I know this is only the beginning. The beginning of another stage in my life, the beginning of building my career and creating the path for the rest of my life. Though, the effect these four years made in my life will always be there forever.

Last week, I remembered so many conversations that happened in class 201. Some of them back to our first year. I remembered so many laughs, so many tears and so many feelings. The surprising thing is that I remembered what my friends were wearing back then :D, I bet they don’t even remember the talks.

Class 201, thank you for every smile, every tear and every memory. I left you today carrying with me every moment I spent in you for the rest of my life; hoping you will have the same effect on everyone will pass you after me.


  1. :)
    Enjoyed being your desk neighbor :)

  2. Me too Fathy :)
    I will miss your hilarious comments during the lectures :D :D

  3. Many Congratulations.. You brought me back the memories of my class graduation back in 2008.. Was really the greatest moments ever..

    Best wishes with your new life :)

  4. yasmin ana ha3yat keda :)
    bas bgd, great memories and I think we will never forget them. BTW this is my daily "Good morning" I hope it was one of your ten "Good mornings every day" :).

  5. sure it was Vicas. ana 3ayat keteeeeeeer embaree7 :(

    I will do my best to keep saying it to you everyday isA :D

  6. "We spent too many hours attending lectures that we didn’t get a word from"

    el gomla de mazota 100%, la2 w 2eh kaman, w sections walahy :D:D

    w kol wa7ed 3amel nafso byfham yegy yeshra7lena kelmeten, ya 3m ro7 2shra7 l nafsak el 2awal 2abl ma teshtaghal doctor walla mo3ed :D

  7. @Mohamed:
    The problem wasn't that doctor or TA doesn't understand what he is saying, but was in their style when they explain. It is either too fast for you to follow or too slowly that you forgot what he was saying 30 mins ago.

    Of course, there are couple of doctors who don't know what they are talking about, but this was rare.

    There are also great doctors and TAs, who do their best to make us better people on different levels not only college stuff.

    Anyway, I have respect for all of them but I really wish if those with problems can improve their style or at least let others do the job.

  8. Hi, Yasmine, from Thomas, here in Vancouver Ca.
    i come to your site , by way of a comment you left on another.

    Of things incomplete in my life, is a visit to your wonderful City.

    Congratulations on your studies,
    You have a good heart, in matters of social importance.


  9. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for yopur comment.
    Make sure to let me know when you visit ALex. I will be glad to accompany you in a tour in Alex.