Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life worth living

The past few days I passed by things that have one meaning for me "Life worth living".

One is Nada Chatila's video (below), who is a cancer survivor. It is strange that every time I am at deeply down, I imagine what I would do if I had cancer. Strangely, this made me realize how small my problems is.

Other was a video for Paulo Coelho. He was passing by a forest, and noticed that this is the first and last time he is going to see these same trees. Simply because each moment is unique and universe is in permanent change.

No matter how hard, unfair and injustice it is. Life is meant to be this way. It is hard because we are soft. It is unfair because we don't see the other fair in our life. It is injustice because we are the ones who cause harm to ourselves.

Life isn't only people around you. It isn't limited in sickness. It isn't restricted in disability. It won't stop on a dried flower in your book. It isn't reduced in a promise that isn't kept.

Life worth much more than this. Life is you. It is the breath you inhale and exhale. It is the second that pass you.

You need no one to enjoy or success your life. Depending on other for your own happiness is probably the biggest mistake you would make in your life. You must learn how to be the source of your happiness. You must learn how to generate the feeling you need by yourself.

Life is full of happiness's sources that can help you; smile of a baby, soft breath of the sea, smell of a flower, a smile on a face of someone you help, a nice pray from your parents, view of sunrise and sunset, ... etc.

Here is a promise you should make. Shape your life as you want. Enjoy each moment of your life remembering that each moment passes you only once. Share your life with people you love. Be there for whoever needs you. And embrace life as it comes to you.


Note: This is a talk between me and myself so "You" is directed mainly to myself.

TEDxCairo - Nada Chatila - A Life Worth Living

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