Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Days Posts Finale

Today is May 31st. It is the end of my 30 days posts month. It is true that I didn't 30 posts this month, but 23 isn't bad.

To say the truth, my goal wasn't to write exactly 30 posts. My goal was the concept of making writing part of my life, hopefully it'll become a habit at last.

After this month, I think writing is filling a little bigger part in my life than before. Now, whenever something irritates me, I think about writing about it. Of course not everything comes out in a post, but I always let it out.

I wrote about different things; politics, poetry, books, TV shows, movies and personal talks. When I look closer to these posts, I see my last month reflected in these posts.

Thank you all for following me this month. Thanks for all your nice and encouragement comments.

Eventually, I think I enjoyed this experiment, and got benefits from. May be I will repeat it later with 15 days posts.

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