Monday, May 2, 2011

Would You Change It?

Three years ago, I was asked by a friend "If you got the chance to change something in your past, would you change it?"

My answer back then was "Definitely No. I wouldn't change a thing".
Now, I think I may change some stuff.

I would reduce my temper in some situations, specially those which cost me relations with friends. I would change how few conversations went, specially those which affected me the most.
I wouldn't regret losing people who don't deserve it. I would regret more losing people who truly deserve it.

I would change my protection system. Sometimes, I think it needs many modifications. It would be much easier if these modifications were made at its beginning.
When I look back to the last five years, I find many things I would like to change. Many of them is related to people who was part of or passed by my life.

I always wished if I can own a time machine to travel between past and present, and change the events as much as I can till I find the perfect combination for my life. It would be amazing .. isn't it?

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