Monday, May 2, 2011

Movin' On

"Movin' On", I feel it is the magical word for this period of time. We all need to MOVE ON and leave the past.

Before you go any further, please make sure you have the ability to accept other's opinion :)
Most people now think about the past more than they think about the future, to be more precise, the past 30 years.
I can understand that they want revenge, and they want whoever had committed a crime in the past to be judged.
I can understand people's call for criminals to be judged, I call for that also, but I can't understand the amount of anger people have for them.

I ,as any Egyptian, want them to go to jail after they have a fair trial, but I don't hate any of them.

As usual, people wanted someone to blame for all the corruption that happened along the past 30 years. From my point of view, we have the right to call a fair trial but we don't have the right to do anything more.

Eachone of us helped them somehow to steal our money, kill our children and torture other in one way or another. Eachone of us paid bribe, no matter how small it was. Eachone of us saw others being killed and tortured and took no action. Eachone of us saw poor families and did nothing to help them.

We have no right to say what the decision of the trials should be. In the first place, we aren't judges and we didn't know the criminal law to decide. Second, the "ignorant" public opinion will affect the trials, which may oppress people on trial. YES, I don't want them to be oppressed. Regardless of how many crimes they commeted, its their right to have a FAIR trial.

I am sorry but who are being trailed now aren't the only criminals. Unless you had never commited any wrong, you aren't innocent. You share the responsibility with them, at least by your silence.

Another thing that people now do to "move on", or so they think, is changing the name of everything that has a name related to the former president "Mubarak" or a member of his family. Seriously, I don't get the value of doing this. It won't change the fact that it was created in his time and it won't make people forget him. Whether we liked it or not, he was the president for the past 30 years. No one can change this.

I am not defending anyone from the past regime, they deserve whatever will happen for them, but I live in this society. I saw how people act with eachother. I saw how they cheat, lie and kill for the stupidest reaseon. We are not angels.

We have to accept that the past 30 years are part of our history. Unfortunately, life has no Shift+Del buttons.
We are facing a long road for a truly free-democratic country. We have to accept the past and fix ourselves to garantee a better future. This is the only way out.

Your comments and thoughts are more than welcomed.

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  1. 30-days-posts ???
    Shahr b7alo ????????????????

    el ra7ma mn 3andak ya rab, rabbena y3addy el shahr da 3la 5er :P:P:P

  2. @mohamed: haye3ady isA bs enta 5alek be3ed we heya te3ady :P

  3. I Liked the Post so Much and i agree with you in many of the points especially when you mentioned that all of us helped to reach to the previous state with even our silence .
    In addition , i believe that there will not be actual and real change except in case if each one of us changed from inside .