Thursday, November 17, 2011

For You And Me

For you, I am an ordinary girl.
For me, you are super man.

For you, I am typical.
For me, non of this is typical.

For you, this is a game.
For me, this is reality.

For you, I am one like a million.
For me, you are one in a million.

For you, life always goes on.
For me, life only means you.

For you, this is friendship.
For me, this is impossible love.


  1. Very asymmetric comparison. Maybe you have a very asymmetric point of view?

  2. I used to think that love is a symmetric two-way road where both people are equally in love or at least there are in love.
    After seeing many examples around, I found out that impossible love do exist a lot. I though that it's rare but now I am sure it's common.

  3. Impossible love does not exist. Impossible love is simply impossible.

    It could be the case that, for a moment, for two people, under a certain setting, share a delightfully equal, seemingly impossible love. That's why you call it rare.

    However, people get different by time, they get tired, forget good moments, or remember sad moments, envy, hate and abuse other's emotions too, thus keeping impossible love just impossible.

    Maybe we are doomed to search for the impossible love, but don't let your feelings trick you to see it in the setting described by your poem.

    I hope you reached a better view by now. :)