Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Fair

I have been told to always judge myself, my actions and what happens in my life. With every trouble I face with people, it's me who is always found guilty. It's always my fault, my mistake or my misjudgment. In only few times, I shared the guilt with others. But even then, I had the biggest share. Maybe, because fixing a problem in you is much easier than fixing it in others.

I know it's my controlling side, it believes that it's easier to deal with pain when you're the one who caused it, to think that it is your fault and this is your punishment, to not admit you have been deceived, cheated or betrayed and to recover after what you caused rather than what others caused.

The fact is that is partially true. We all share responsibility of what happens to us and how we are treated. But sometimes, in few cases, it is not your fault, it is not your fault at all.
It is not your fault that you trusted someone, believed in something, wished on the start or even gave it up.
It is not your fault when you know you have given it all you can, you did your best and you reached out for it. Sometimes it depends on others, luck or fate to reach back.

Just do your best, reach out as much as you can and wait and see.
And always, bring justice to yourself.


  1. Life is not fair. Fairness is a fairy tale.

    Love, hatred, empathy, envy, misunderstandings, and selfishness, are all not fair. You have to compensate them from within yourself so that things make sense and our sense of fairness is not upset. As long as this compensation doesn't hurt, it can feel fulfilling, but if it hurts, take care of yourself, and try to deal with life's unfairness.

  2. Yeah life is not fair. I learned that the hard way. My problem is in the way I deal with life's unfairness, I think. Sometimes life is more fair to me than I am to myself.