Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where Does Money Go ?

15 months ago, while I had a talk with my friend, Shaimaa, and we both realised that despite our good salaries, we had no idea where our money went. I promised her that if I ever were able to track my expenses, I will share it with her.

For the past 14 months, I have been tracking what I earn and what I spend using a simple spreadsheet to keep things easier for me.
So, here is me fulfilling my promise :)

  • It clearly reflects my phone usage rule "Don't use phone unless it is necessary".
  • Money spent on books is low, but as I am a new fan of reading books, I will consider it as a good sign.
  • I was expecting transportation to be much higher.
  • Medicine is relatively high because of the surgery I had last month.
  • I'd never expected tech-devices to be that much high.
  • I'm not surprised to see "others" percentage.
  • Of course you can imagine my surprise when I realised that I saved more than 40% of my total income :)


  1. I've a little comments on your comments, and some thoughts :)

    - necessary phone calls is relative.
    - books are very good investment in case one got bored, quiet job or even got a lot of free times, So, I encourage you yo buy more.
    -Can't talk about medicine, as I enjoy shopping in pharmacies.
    - 10% isn't that much for tech.
    - 40% for Others, this requires more investigations next time.
    - Saving is a great achievement one can do, Congrats :)

    1. - I don't like using phone, so necessity is when I can't reach the person in another way :)
      - For others, it is only 24%. I have a detailed record for it. It is mainly gifts, things I picked for mom on my way home, outings, charity and everything else. It needs a special consideration but it is not that bad.
      - I am happy with my savings percentage although mam thinks it is low :)