Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

As it became a tradition, looking back to 2012 and saying goodbye, I had to remember all moments, bad or good, passed in 2012. I can say it was a good year.
It has its ups and downs. I enjoyed the ups and learned from the downs.

2012 was full of first time events, which is amazing about it.
2012 proved to me how strong I can be, even when I hated that sometimes, but it was a mandatory this year.
A dream came true in 2012. I paid more attention to my health.

For me, 2012 is measured in laughter, tears, firsts, the life of friends and my own self-improvements.

As always I will highlight best moments in 2012:
17 Learned how to run youtube video in terminal
14 Back to research
13 Eat Zalatimo (first time)
12 My best friend Ahmed Saeed's katb ketab

30 Read constitution (first time)
21 Breakfast at Coffee Beans (first time)
08 Repair my laptop (first time)

23 Lasik operation ... no more glasses (first time)
18 Witnessed autopsy of a frog (first time)
17 Used Foursquare (first time)
07 Outgoing with eSpace family (first time)
04 Give tech talk (first time)

26 One year anniversary on keeping track with my expenses
24 Used (first time)
24 My cousin Moustafa's engagement
24 Best birthday to have
02 Employee of the month at eSpace (first time)

10 My cousin Noha's engagement

16 My best friend Ahmed Saeed's engagement
07 Rediscovered myself and my abilities

04 My two friends Ahmed Fathy and Rana's wedding

29 Stopped drinking Nescafé, coffee and Tea.
29 Joined eSpace (A dream that came true)
26 Left BA
26 My BA farewell (first time)
14 My best friend Aseel's wedding
13 My two friends Ahmed Fathy and Rana's katb ketab

13 Used Goodreads (first time)
09 Attended JDC 2012, Cairo (first trip alone)

02 My best friend Aseel's katb ketab

Last but not least, I would like to thank two special friends, Shaimaa and OzZa, for being there for me whenever I needed them. I don't know how things were going to be without both of you.

Happy New Year 2013

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