Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long Journey

9 years .. 108 months .. 3290 days, this is how long I've been doing it.

I remember how hard, how challenging and how risky it was. Monitoring your feelings, your acts and your thoughts along with everyone's to reach to the right combination.
I stopped counting how many times I changed my safety nets, and how many times I had to adjust things and even rebuild things from scratch.

9 years .. 108 months .. 3290 days, what I've learned in these years is incomparable to anything else.
I learned how to read eyes, listen carefully and pay attention to small signs. I learned that "I am just busy" isn't the right answer.
I learned how my mind can be the superior but not to silence my heart. I learned how to notice the changes no matter how small they are, but not to keep holding on when you let go.

YES I can tell when you change your hair style, your moves or your perfume. I can differentiate your smiles, your voice tone and your words. I know which songs, cloths, food and movies you like. I know which news or posts interest you. I know all the small details. I know them all.

Sometimes, I strayed from the sidewalk. I let my heart lead for a while. I enjoyed it, I have to admit, but it always ended in a way I don't want to repeat.

9 years .. 108 months .. 3290 days, and I haven't learned how to overcome people's loss. I don't know how many people I have to lose before I learn that.

9 years .. 108 months .. 3290 days, and still counting

Safety Net are people I depend on when things gets ugly. I have a safety net in every area of my life: family, friends, work, etc. They are supposed to be the people I KNOW they will be there for me all the time. As life goes on, people change, so does my safety net.

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