Monday, May 1, 2017

Motion Camp: A Childhood Dream Coming True

Yesterday was the end of the first chapter of my new adventure that lasted 10 weeks. On the 19th of February, I joined "Motion Camp", a special camp to learn 2D flat animation designed by the creative Ehab Mostafa.

I have always been fascinated by cartoons, and it was one of the reasons I joined the  computer field in the first place. Yet I had always failed to learn it on my own. I tried to join "Motion Camp" round 3 over a year ago, but registration was closed. This time, registration was almost closed, yet out of depression, I applied anyway and as my luck would have it, I got accepted into round 9.

Me: "Knowing the basic knowledge of motion would be great."
Ehab: "You will animate"
Me:  "Yeah sure, that would be a great plus."

Ehab: "NO, you WILL animate."

That was the conversation that took place between me and Ehab on our first day in camp, when he asked about our expectations. I didn't argue with him back then, but with my geek background and knowing my lack of any design sense, I knew that he was dreaming.
By the end of the camp, I admit I was wrong and Ehab was surely right.

I joined the camp to fulfill a childhood dream in the hope that I would have a nice time, meet new people and learn something interesting. I ended up spending the most joyful time I ever had in a long time, I met super talented people, and gained knowledge that allowed me to enter a magical world where I lose track of time.

"Motion Camp" isn't another After Effect course. We learned all about the animation industry, starting from building an idea, creating a story board, direction, motion principles and motion techniques. The camp is a chance to start a fresh career, undergo a career shift, or simply learn a field that will definitely add value to you.

I hope I can finish the graduation project in time to graduate from the camp, and complete the second chapter of that adventure. All prayers are needed till then please.

At last, I would like to thank all the campaweya for their love and support throughout the camp. Special thanks goes to Ehab, for being such a great instructor, an enthusiastic proficient animator and an extra patient guide. I am indebted to you for the influence you had on my life through the camp.

I started the camp as a geek engineer who sees objects in binary and if statements, now I see objects in motion, and for that I will be forever grateful


  1. You more than welcome Yasmin ^^
    Remember, you have Engineering mindset that mixed up with Artistic eye .. i am.sure you can make wonders with such a talent :)
    Good luck

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