Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brave Enough To Take Choices ?

Recently, I watched a movie called "Legend of 1900". It is about a man who was born on a ship and spent all his life on it. He was named after the year he was born in, 1900. "1900" naturally played the piano. He was so talented that people took the trip from America to Europe on this particular ship to only enjoy his music.

He had the chance to leave the ship couple of times, to publish his music and become the most famous musician in his time, but he refused to leave. The reason wasn't revealed till the last moments of the movie, when he preferred to be blown up with the ship and not to leave it and continue his life on land.

For him, the reason was so clear and simple. His life was limited on this ship, his choices was countable. He was able to decide everything in his life so easily, he felt that he was in control with his own life on this ship. So, he simply refused to leave his life, as he knew it, and live on land with tons of choices to choose from. He just couldn't get how people can decide which way to take for work, for example.

For me, it was a normal musical movie which is full with piano solos, till its last 15 minutes when the reason was said and the point of the story was revealed.

I though about the story after the movie ended. It would be normal if he died on ship before it was blown up, it wouldn't be affective. But to choose to end your life because you're afraid of living a different life, is another story. It pushed me to think about me. I don't like choices myself. It takes me some time to decide doing anything but I am not that afraid of choices to give up my life to avoid taking them.

In life, we face choices, take some and take responsibility for them. It is life's nature. I can't imagine life without choices, it would lose its meaning and taste.
May be, "1900" was right not to leave the ship, because it was the life as he knew it. May be, he was wrong to give up his life, because he had the choice to try something different but he chose to die instead. In both cases, I can't blame him, but I can blame who have choices and don't take any. I can blame who have the choice and leave others to decide for him.

Life is an adventure we take and we are the ones who write its end. Make sure you write your own end as you like it, as you want it, with your own free-will as you are the one who takes its results. So, "think wisely".


  1. nice post yasmine , but i just wanted to add that we are extremely lucky to know that ALLAH always chooses the best for us , once we do what we have to do and pray for the right choice, knowing that fact for sure makes us less confused ,with no regrets for what passed us and no worries about the future .