Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Wish: Comedy Dreams

My problem with dreams is so simple, I wish to have comedy dreams. I wish to wake up in the morning and burst of laughter when I remember the dreams I had the night before.

My problem isn't that I don't dream, my problem is that I have too much real dreams. Usually I have two or three dreams every night. I remember most of them when I woke up and my mind starts living them all over again !!!

My problem isn't that I have normal dreams, my problem is that I have too personal dreams. Whatever is in my head, I see it in a dream. This is why I feel like living my life 24/7, with no breaks. My mind works day and night. If I have a problem or I am trying to escape from something, I know it will be in my dreams usually with no solution for it, and that is why it is really annoying. When I don't have problem-related dreams, I have weird dreams that push to think about them even more when I wake up.

I have been like that all my life (or at least as far as I remember). I tried to find solutions for it but nothing works. Only one solution worked once or twice, stopped weird dreams but still had two dreams that night.

The last solution I could wish for, is having comedy dreams. I wouldn't mind if I have dreams at night that will make me laugh at morning. At least, it would be a good start for the day :D


  1. such a strange wish! how can dreams be anything but personal? after all they were born in ur subconscious mind..

  2. I know having dreams is supposed to be normal, but usually I sleep to get a rest and stop thinking. Having these dreams, especially when I am facing a problem, puts me in a thinking mood 24 hours, which is very exhausting and annoying.
    It is supposed that sleeping is your resort, when you are in trouble or thinking about something. For me, it is just another place to think in.

    You are right, they are born in my subconscious mind. Probably I will need a psychiatrist soon. :)